Things to Know


When it comes to floral preservations, it's not always a perfect process. The whole beauty of floral preservation is it's authenticity and natural elegance. With this being said, you can still create an absolutely stunning piece of art from preserved flowers.

You just need to know a few things first:

Bruised Petals

Flowers are very delicate! Sometimes, if a petal or flower is squished or bumped during the big day, it could slightly bruise.

Don't be afraid to use your flowers on your wedding day though. Most of the time, we can pick away the bruised petals and discard the yucky looking ones to really show off the nicer looking petals. The best thing to do to prevent severe bruising and to ensure pressing usability would be to have someone set your flowers in water once you're done with using them for photos during your wedding.

Color Changing

Here at Juniper Willow Creations and Abby Giles Photography, we strive for the authenticity of your memories. Because of this, we prefer the au-natural route of floral preservation! After all, flowers are a piece of nature. 

You can expect your florals to slightly change colors. This is all a part of the preservation process. When you receive your frame, the colors you see will not stay that way forever. The tones and colors of your flowers will change slightly over time. If the frame is kept in ideal conditions, the fade will certainly lessen.

Typically, reds/pinks/purples will darken when pressed. Whites will turn to a beautiful ivory or pale yellow color usually, but sometimes pinkish or greenish. There is not much that you can do to prevent these color changes, as that's all a part of the preservation process. Consider it a new life cycle for your flowers-- beautiful in its own way!

Receiving Bouquets

It is very important to get your bouquet to us as soon as possible. Having fresh flowers will make the pressing process go a lot more seamless and increase the likelihood of pretty, vibrant flowers.

If the flowers have been cut too long, they will die over time, making them unable to be pressed. We will not accept bouquets 5 days after the event for this reason.

If we receive your bouquet and deem it unusable, we will let you know immediately and either refund you or order replacement flowers similar to your original ones.

Artificial, wooden, or pre-dried flowers are not usable.

Caring for Frames

Once your frame has arrived to its new home, it is very important to properly care for it to ensure it lives its longest possible life.

Avoid placing your frame in direct sunlight. Although your frame is protected with UV protective glass, sunlight can still affect your flowers over time. If you want to ensure that your frame stands the test of time, we highly recommend avoiding anywhere with direct sunlight. Typically, this means by windows, in a sunroom, or anywhere the sun always falls.

Pressed flowers do not like moisture! Avoid anywhere with humidity, as this can create moldy icky looking flowers over time. Typically, the places you’ll want to avoid are bathrooms, sunrooms, or anywhere outside.

Keep your artwork framed! Do not undo the frame for any reason. This will expose your preserved flowers to air, allowing all kinds of moisture and dust to get in there. Keeping it closed will ensure your flowers live their longest possible lifespan.

And lastly, handle with care! This frame is super fragile-- especially double paned floating frames. When installing or cleaning, be very careful and don't apply pressure to the glass.