How long can I expect to wait for my frame?

Turnaround times can be anywhere from 4 weeks to 8 weeks. I wish I could give you a more concrete date, but each flower drying time is different. To ensure that your preserved flowers stand the test of time, we very meticulously and slowly dry out the flowers, taking away all moisture. We want your florals to be fully preserved and perfect before we ever frame them. Although this process takes weeks, it is what's best for your arrangement, and we promise it's worth the wait!

Do you ship?

Unfortunately right now I do not ship. I offer local pick up in Savannah, GA and the surrounding areas though!

How do we get our bouquet to you?

Currently, I am only accepting local bouquet pick ups, as to ensure I am getting the most fresh flowers for usability. I hope to expand to have clients ship bouquets to me. But as of right now, I plan to do local drop off or pick up in Savannah, GA and the surrounding areas. If I am already your wedding photographer, I can take the bouquet directly after your wedding!

Feel free to contact me for more details!

How soon do we need to get our bouquet to you after our wedding/event?

The sooner the better!! The more fresh the flowers are, the brighter and prettier the colors will be. If I get the bouquet and it is deemed unworkable, I will let you know immediately and we will either refund you or order replacement flowers similar to your original ones at an additional cost.

Flowers should be received no later than 5 days after your wedding or event, although we strongly recommend receiving them even sooner. Ideally, the day after would be perfect.

Can you include invitations, vows, or photos in the frame?

Absolutely! A printed wedding photo with florals surrounding it is so pretty! You can do the same for invitations, vow pages, or any piece of paper really.

Do you only do floating frames or can I do a frame with a solid background?

We offer both! If a floating frame is more your style, we are happy to offer that. A simple, single color background is also beautiful and helps make those flowers pop!

My bouquet has artificial, pre-dried, or wooden flowers. Can I still press these?

We only offer floral preservation for fresh blooms. This unfortunately means that artificial, pre-dried, or wooden flowers are unusable. If you are unsure of if your flowers can be used or not, contact me and I can let you know!

Do you offer color correcting?

Here at Juniper Willow Creations and Abby Giles Photography, we strive for the authenticity of your memories. Because of this, we prefer the au-natural route of floral preservation! After all, flowers are a piece of nature.

You can expect your florals to slightly change colors. This is all a part of the preservation process. When you receive your frame, the colors you see will not stay that way forever. The tones and colors of your flowers will change slightly over time. If the frame is kept in ideal conditions, the fade will certainly lessen.

What happens if my frame arrives broken or damaged?

We carefully and meticulously package each order, and although it rarely happens, we understand that sometimes things can go wrong during shipping.

If this happens, we ask that you put the frame back in its package as is, reach out to us, and we will send you a prepaid return label. Once received, we will repair or replace the frame and ship it back to you as soon as possible.