20 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer...Coming From A Wedding Photographer

The most important part about finding the right vendors for your wedding-- ASK QUESTIONS! It is important to get to know your vendors, especially your photographer. They will be with you practically the entire day. Granted, sometimes we like to stand back and let the candid magic happen. But ultimately, you will see us a lot throughout the day. From the getting ready shots, to the couples portraits, to the ceremony, all the way down to the send off at the end of the night...we'll be there!

While it is important to love your photographer's style, it is equally important to hit it off with one another so you'll be happy to have them around on your big day. I always like to tell my potential clients that by the time their wedding day comes, I'd rather seem like a friend than a stranger at that point! It definitely helps with capturing the authentic moments if you are comfortable around your photographer.

When the wedding day is over and gone, one of the only things you'll have left for years to come are your photos. This is why it is so important to be certain of who you pick as your photographer. Not sure what to look for or where to start? It doesn't need to be as hectic as is may seem! I've got a list of some must-have questions to ask your wedding photographer before you book them!

The Basics

1. Is my wedding date available?

2. How long have you been shooting weddings?

3. Do you have any of your previous work we can see?


4. How would you describe your photography style?

5. Will I receive a mixture of both candid and posed photos?

6. Can we give you a list of shots we would love to have?

7. Do you deliver photos in black & white as well as color?

Pricing & Packages

8. What packages do you offer and what is included in them?

9. Do you include engagement sessions in any of your packages?

10. Do you charge a travel fee?

11. Is an initial deposit required and if so, how much?

12. Do you offer a second photographer?


13. When will we receive the contract?

14. How will I receive my photos?

15. What is your turnaround time like?

16. Do you offer sneak peaks before we receive the full gallery?

17. What is your back up plan if something happens?

18. What's it like to work with you the day of the wedding?

Ready to book! Now what?

19. What information do you need from me to book?

20. Will we have another meeting before the big day?

BONUS! Questions to ask yourself

21. Do you like your photographer's personality?

22. Would you be comfortable working with them all day?

23. Do you love the style of this photographer?

24. Are their reviews good?

25. Did the photographer address all your concerns?