Hi, I'm Abby, a wedding photographer

& floral preservationist

Where it All Began

Juniper Willow Creations is floral preservation add-on to my wedding photography business, Abby Giles Photography. One thing I’ve always loved about being a wedding photographer is the ability I have to capture a memory and freeze it in time. The thought of being able to look back on a loving memory, whether it be through photos or pressed flower frames, is just truly beautiful. I am thrilled to start offering another way to preserve your wedding day memories

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Where the Name Came From

These are my two fur babies, Juniper (Junie for short) & Willow. When I tell you I love these cats like no other, I truly mean that. If I'm creating a frame or editing photos, one of them is sitting in my lap or watching nearby. These two have been with me from the start-- from working late nights in a bar as a college student to now having a full time wedding photography business along with a floral preservation add on. I am the biggest animal person, so I knew that they had to be a part of the name.

And thus the name Juniper Willow Creations was born

floral preservationist &
wedding photographer

Pressed bouquets turned into priceless pieces of art

Juniper Willow Creations is all about preserving your blooms into heirlooms.

"A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever"

- Unknown